Are you ready for an emergency?

Learn how you and your family can make your home ready for an emergency.

Click on each puzzle piece and drag it to the right place. To play using the keyboard, type an 'S' to pick up the puzzle piece. Then use the arrow keys to move it. You can drop the puzzle piece by typing 'D.'

1. Your family should know how to open the garage door if the power goes out.

2. Smoke alarms help keep you safe. Remind your family to change the batteries once a year.

3. Some homes have a machine called a generator to keep the power on. If you have one, it must be set up safely.

4. Your gas and electric power may need to be shut off. Make sure your family knows how to do that.

5. Know where to find fire extinguishers in your home and how to use them.

6. Visit for information about wildfire preparedness and safety.